The award-winning spa at dana, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Anthony Anguille-Valles, DO as Spa Director, as well as newly added features made to enhance the guest experience. With a prime location in Chicago’s River North neighborhood and a relaxing, chic atmosphere, the innovative spa is taking its world-class offerings to the next level with state-of-the-art additions such as Chromotherapy Showerheads, Modern Saunas with Himalayan Salt Walls and more, all under the direction of Anguille-Valles.


Anthony Anguille-Valles joins spa at dana with an extensive background in health and wellness. Prior to entering medical school – one of his lifelong aspirations – Anguille-Valles held multiple leadership roles in prominent hotel spas in Las Vegas including Caesar’s Palace, Mandarin Oriental (now Waldorf Astoria) and The Cosmopolitan. After completing his medical studies, Anguille-Valles reentered the spa industry as the Spa Director at Fairmont Chicago with a renewed passion and unwavering investment in helping others. Anguille-Valles subsequently joined spa at dana in fall 2018 with plans to create an unmatched experience for guests beginning with these new and invigorating enhancements.

  • Modern Saunas with Himalayan Salt Walls

Installed in both the men’s and women’s spa facilities, Himalayan salt walls have officially made their debut. Beyond the obvious detoxification of dry heat and perspiration, Himalayan Salt further draws out impurities within the skin and is a natural detoxifier. Spa and hotel guests are welcome to reap the benefits by simply being in close proximity to the Himalayan Salt wall within the classic sauna.

  • Integrated Shower and Steamrooms

A feature selected to maximize the potential of the boutique spa space, the combination shower and steamroom allows guests to extend their rejuvenation journey while soaking in the wet heat of the steam room with an instant cool down of being able to bathe. Multiple showerheads are provided in the room, adding an element of luxury to the experience. 

  • Chromotherapy Showerheads

Now featured in all women’s showers, chromotherapy will shine as its rooted therapeutic benefit is in the use of visual light, a minimal facet of the electromagnetic spectrum. This form of therapy has been characterized heavily in ancient texts and is believed to be secondary to the body’s innate aura and ability to capture visual, color radiation. Certain colors align directly with each of the body’s chakras or energy centers in order to create a state of balance. The chromotherapy showerheads now allow guests to select a color that they feel matches their energy.

  • Himalayan Salt Stones

The newly fitted treatment rooms highlight Himalayan Salt Stones where guests can now benefit from the light detoxification and exfoliation simply from being in the presence of the material. The stones are integrated into a modern-spin on the classic hot stone massage that instead relies on the salt base of Himalayan Salt Stones and conducts heat in a very different way. Guests that are looking to detoxify and exfoliate while experiencing mild heat therapy will be pleased with this treatment.

  • Integration of Vitajuwel© Dispensers

In the Relaxation Lounge, spa at dana now offers Vitajuwel© infused water. Not only a visually beautiful piece, the station has the natural ability to purify water based on the surroundings of the gem insert. The gems carry an energetic force to further cleanse the water on an incredibly detailed level for guests.