One important way the Association provides service to our members is by addressing pending and proposed legislative actions which could ultimately impact your business or property. Our Planning & Advocacy Division’s Advocacy Committee actively tracks all new and pending legislation that could have consequences on your taxes, employees and how you conduct business.

Our Advocacy Committee, which is comprised of members of the Board of Directors and leaders from the various member groups of the Association, has very close contacts with area aldermen and other governmental officials. It also works closely with numerous other business organizations which focus on specific industries including hotels, restaurants, retail and tourism. If there are specific issues or concerns you have, you can contact the Association’s staff and they will be happy to work with you to make sure your interests and concerns are being addressed.

In addition, Magnificent Mile Association staff are available to assist you with issues regarding your specific business or property including permit assistance, graffiti removal, repair of public way conditions, providing information from our ‘Michigan Avenue By the Numbers’ document or anything else to help you as a member.

Current Advocacy/Governmental Issues:

  • Emergency Guidance

    View the Emergency Guidance Flyer.

    Emergency Guidance
  • Restrictive Scheduling Ordinance

    The Association’s Advocacy Committee wants you to be aware of a possible vote by the Chicago City Council relatively soon which would enact the proposed Restrictive Scheduling Ordinance (sometimes referred to as Flexible Scheduling or Fair Workweek Ordinance).  Over the past several months, leaders of the Association along with other Chicago business groups have reviewed the proposed legislation and have determined that, if passed, this ordinance would be extremely detrimental to both businesses and employees in the City. In brief, the ordinance would require employers to give employees at least two weeks advance notice of changes in their work schedules. Please view the attachments which explain details of the ordinance and how it will negatively impact the City’s employers and employees on a daily basis.

    Along with nearly two dozen groups and organizations, The Magnificent Mile Association has joined a Work Your Way! coalition to oppose a restrictive scheduling ordinance. Comprised of Chicago employees, employers, and community groups, the coalition will be working together to save flexible scheduling options in Chicago. Tens of thousands of Chicagoans depend on flexibility in their schedules—especially when unforeseen issues arise such as illnesses, childcare, school programs, snow storms/weather-related incidents and other unplanned issues.

    As leaders of the Association, we are asking your assistance to tell the City Council that imposing a restrictive scheduling ordinance is not what employees and employers want throughout the city. In the coming days, weeks, and months, we will be working with other coalition members to educate the City Council and Chicago residents on the negative impacts of restrictive scheduling. The Work Your Way! website can be found at and there is an “Action page” allowing you and others at your company, property or business to take action by submitting a letter to individual aldermen directly.

    As an Association member and leaders, we need your help, and are asking you to get involved through the following ways:

    • Review the attached information to make sure you and others in your business understand what the ordinance is, and how it could impact scheduling citywide
    • Take action by submitting a letter to your alderman at Work Your Way’s “Action page
    • Like the Coalition’s Facebook page and follow us on Twitter
    • Write your own posts on Facebook and Twitter to activate your network and educate them on the issue
    Take Action Learn more
  • Minimum Wage Ordinance

    Passed by the Cook County Board of Commissioners on October 26, 2016, Ordinance No. 16-5768 will increase the minimum wage for many employees in Cook County.

    Effective on July 1, 2018, the new base wage for employees will be raised to $11 an hour. For tipped employees, the base wage will increase from $4.95 an hour to $5.10.

  • Lakefront Noise Bill

    The bill was passed by the Illinois House of Representatives in April of 2017; it’s still awaiting approval from the Senate.

    The regulations will address noise levels along the lakeshore in order to improve the quality of life in the region.
    Changes put in place by the HB2361 would allow for:

    • Noise monitoring systems along Lake Shore Drive.
    • Increased fines for loud motorcycles and impounding after 3 noise violations.
    • Requiring ambulances to only use their sirens when responding to a call.
  • Year-Round Sidewalk Café Ordinance

    The City of Chicago currently allows businesses to operate sidewalk cafes for nine months, from March to December. The city council approved the ordinance on June 12, 2018, now allowing outdoor café operations year-round.

    Businesses will be able to profit more during the winter months, especially on warmer than usual days. This is an opportunity to keep sidewalks vibrant and active year around.

    The amended café ordinance will establish a snow threshold at which point all café furniture must be removed.

  • Proposed Threshold Increase for Retail Theft Offenses

    Letters of objection were sent in April of 2018 to District Aldermen and sponsors of House and Senate Bills which would effectively increase the thresholds of retail theft to be considered a misdemeanor to a felony from $300 to $2000.

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