LondonHouse Chicago (85 E. Upper Wacker Dr.), the luxury lifestyle property on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive, partners with local bespoke songwriters at With this Song to expand the hotel’s current proposal package with the option to create an unforgettable, personalized musical experience.

With this Song is made up of two Chicago-based musicians, Jess Godwin and Gabriel Ruiz, who write, record, and perform customized love songs for couples – whether for a wedding, anniversary, proposal, or other special occasion. With the new add-on to the hotel’s grand proposal package, couples can choose between three live music experiences created by With this Song, including:

·      A personalized love song and live performance at the proposal

·      A personalized love song, live performance at the proposal, and a recording of the song

·      A cover performance of an existing song that has meaning to the couple

To better understand the love story of the future newlyweds ahead of their engagement, musicians Jess and Gabriel will hold an hour-long in-person, video, or phone interview with the couple or proposer, making for a truly personal and sentimental song-writing process.

Proposals at LondonHouse Chicago take place in the hotel’s historic rooftop Cupola dating back to 1923. The Cupola provides breathtaking 360-degree views of Chicago and features Xs and Os in its engravings – details adding to the romance and intimacy of popping the question. The proposal package allows this space to be rented out with options to add a bottle of champagne, extra décor, a customized multi-course dinner, and now, a bespoke, live performance.

To inquire about package pricing and booking the Cupola space for a proposal, please email or call 312-253-2394.