Full Name: Shauna McKenzie-Lee
Company/Organization: Starbucks
Role: VP Operations Services 
How long have you been a Board Member for The Magnificent Mile Association? 2.5 years


What makes The Magnificent Mile so special/unique to the City of Chicago?

When people think of Chicago, they think of the iconic architecture, the food, the good-hearted people, the art and the urban tapestry that weaves Lake Michigan right into Chicago’s magnificent skyline. The Magnificent Mile represents one of the first destinations that people seek when they visit our city. The Magnificent Mile is grand, yet approachable. It’s opulent, yet has a soul. The Mag Mile, as affectionately known by some, is the lifeblood and heartbeat of the city. It’s uniquely Chicago because it marries all of the best parts of Chicago into one area, where it’s effortless to spend hours and days exploring and feeding your curiosity.

In your opinion, what is the most surprising or endearing quality of your fellow Magnificent Mile Association Members? 

The extreme kindness and selflessness that each member gives regardless of their own busy schedules and lives. 

What is your favorite Chicago pastime?

My favorite Chicago pastime is exploring the many cool & diverse neighborhoods with my wife. Since living here, I learned that there are 77 of them. There is so much culture, art, food, music, and beauty right here in this great city.

What is your biggest hope for The Magnificent Mile district in the next year, five years, or beyond?

My biggest hope for The Magnificent Mile district in the next year, five, and beyond is that we can give the world (yes, I said world) a reason to believe in what is possible in urban markets. My biggest hope is that Chicago’s Magnificent Mile can be the beacon of hope for what is possible when amazing human beings come together and work toward the common goal of building community where inclusion is a way of being. My biggest hope is that The Magnificent Mile comes out better as a result of all the work creative solutioning against the challenging environmental conditions of today. I believe that The Magnificent Mile has everything that it needs to be and hope for cities around the world to join hands with us in uplifting the human spirit.

Photos by Anneka Bakker