Full Name: Justine Fedak
Company: BIÂN
Role: Chief Marketing & Culture Officer
How long have you been a Board Member for the Magnificent Mile Association? Since 2006

What inspires you most about your current role within your company?

That I am part of a club that helps people transform and evolve to live a life that makes them feel their best. My journey with MS has shown me that this is the key to feeling truly fulfilled!

What does it mean to you to serve in this volunteer leadership capacity, particularly as a woman in your field?

It inspires me to work harder to contribute in any way I can to making sure people see the magnificence of my favorite city in the world - CHICAGO.

Do you have a favorite memory of The Magnificent Mile that you can share with us?

When my daughter insisted on being on stage with me at 2 years old to kick off Lights Fest!

What advice do you have for young women starting their careers, particularly in your current industry?

Be courageous and be curious. Volunteer and get involved outside of just your role at your company. 

What is your favorite Chicago pastime?

Hanging out on The Mile!

What is your biggest hope for The Magnificent Mile district in the next year, five years, or beyond?

We grow and share the magic of the whole city to the world, and bring more people to experience the incredible unmatched Magnificent Mile from the beach to Millennium Park and everything in between!