Alderman Reilly is pleased to announce that the Commission on Chicago Landmarks has provided a Final Landmark Recommendation for the Near North Side Multiple Property District.

The district is a collection of 15 historic buildings, listed below, that were all built in the years immediately following the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The recommendation granted and will be referred to the City Council and Committee on Zoning, Landmarks, and Building Standards.

  1. 642 N Dearborn Street
  2. 17 E Erie Street
  3. 14 W Erie Street
  4. 110 W Grand Avenue
  5. 1 E Huron Street
  6. 671 N State Street
  7. 9 E Huron Street
  8. 10 E Huron Street
  9. 16 W Ontario Street
  10. 18 W Ontario Street
  11. 212 E Ontario Street
  12. 222 E Ontario Street
  13. 716 N Rush Street
  14. 42 E Superior Street
  15. 44-46 E Superior Street

These buildings are the best surviving small-scale residential buildings in the area, both in terms of historical integrity and architectural styles. Together, these buildings tell the story of this portion of the Near North Side when it was a residential neighborhood of mansions, more modest homes, and small flats.

Alderman Reilly requested the Department of Planning and Development study the historic significance and feasibility of creating a "character district" landmark designation for these properties upon receiving applications to demolish 42 E. Superior Street and 44-46 E. Superior Street, two orange-rated residential buildings, owned by Symmetry Development in September, 2018.

Additionally, a strong real estate market on the Near North Side leaves 3-4 story buildings from the late-nineteenth century like these vulnerable to demolition and replacement with high-rise development. Alderman Reilly is hopeful that this recommendation will pass the legislative process and once finalized, will help protect and preserve these historically significant buildings.

For more information about the Near North Side Multiple Property District, read the Department of Planning and Development's preliminary summary.