The City is beginning a west side pilot program for electric scooter companies starting on June 15 for four months. There is a map of the pilot area boundaries in the article (link below).  If members ask about this program, you can refer them to me.

Scooter users will not be able to rent a scooter in the pilot area and ride it to N Michigan Ave or into our District – there is geo-fencing technology built in preventing the scooters from leaving the pilot area boundaries. If there are major complaints about the scooters littering the sidewalks during this pilot, that would be a major concern after the pilot with them being permitted on some of our major streets and left on sidewalks, especially N. Michigan Ave. Prior to any ordinance being drafted, the City will be reaching back to us for any comments regarding limitations or restrictions on use of these vehicles in our District. As more info becomes available, we will share will members.

View Boundary Map