Grant Information

To apply for a grant:

Details for 2016 grants will be available mid-year. For more information on the grant application, please contact The Magnificent Mile at 312.642.3570. 

The Magnificent Mile Charitable Foundation, a private philanthropic foundation created in 1989 by The Magnificent Mile Association (The Magnificent Mile Association), grants funds to support educational programs and institutions that provide food and shelter for children and adults in The Magnificent Mile community. 

Grant Criteria Includes:

A. Grants should improve the quality of life within the geographic boundaries of The Magnificent Mile Association (The Magnificent Mile Association). The Boundaries are as follows:

North: Through North Avenue

South: Through Randolph

East: Through the Lake

West: Through north branch of The Chicago River

B. Grants are issued to institutions with a minimum budget of $100,000, maximum of $1,000,000 that are physically present in, and have demonstrated history of serving the boundaries of The The Magnificent Mile Association community.

C. Grants should emphasize services and programs provided by social service agencies in the areas of education, job training as well as food and shelter for those in need.

D. Grant applicants must be charitable 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organizations. Organizations/individuals that benefit from the use of grants must demonstrate appropriate need and should be concentrated within The The Magnificent Mile Association community.

Proposals should include the following information:

I. Description of your organization, including its purpose, size and funding sources. Provide the number of staff involved with the project in which you are applying a grant for. Indicate any significant changes in revenues and expenses in the last 12 months and Provide percentage of funds spent on program (comes directly from the Illinois Annual Report all charities file (Section II, J.)

II. A statement demonstrating how the grant proceeds would benefit The The Magnificent Mile Association community, description of its use and beneficiaries.

III. Name, title, phone, mailing and e-mail address of person to receive communication regarding this application.

IV. Describe prior grants received by your organization from The Magnificent Mile Charitable Foundation


Provide the following:

A. Tax Determination Letter from the IRS

B. Proof of current status with the Secretary of State

C. Proof of current status with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office

D. Articles of Incorporation

E. 2011 and 2012 (if available) tax returns

F. Current year’s budget - The Budget information should show organization as a whole, budget for project submitted to the Board, grant percentage of both budgets

Applicants are encouraged to include brochures or photos to assist The Magnificent Mile Charitable Foundation Board and Committee in reviewing the request. If qualified in the initial process, site visits will be made and applicants will be contacted for an appointment. Funds will be distributed end of December 2016. If you have any questions, please contact The Magnificent Mile Association at 312.642.3570.