Chicago’s illustrious Magnificent Mile will soon be home to international artist, Ignasi Monreal's latest creation. At the corner of Michigan Avenue and Erie Street, the bare grey concrete of 663 N. Michigan Ave. will serve as the perfect blank canvas for this massive nine-story customized mural illustrating Monreal’s vibrant imagination and refined talent. Emphasizing the grandiose accents of the neighborhood, melting pot culture of the city, and Chicago’s progressive enclave of artistic pioneers, the piece is sure to illuminate the intersection and inspire tourists, residents, and shoppers alike.

“The Magnificent Mile is a central part of Chicago and the ideal place to have a mural of this size reach a larger audience where passion for the arts takes a front seat,” said Monreal. “After working mainly in Europe, it was very exciting to work on a project in Chicago, which is such an inspiring and thriving place for arts.”

Ignasi Monreal is the internationally acclaimed artistic genius behind the compelling digital visuals of some of the world's most renowned and sophisticated brands. At just 27 years old, the Spanish native has crafted several vivid campaigns for Gucci, Four Seasons,  Louis Vuitton, Dior, Louboutin, J.W. Anderson, to name a few. His peculiar approach to modern art is boasted by his incorporation of animated graphics for intriguing and captivating distinguished concepts.  

Inspired by the Medieval era and its use of ornate gold, Monreal’s surrealist style combines traditional approaches with a modern twist. His use of classic Renaissance elements, contrasted by the modern and seemingly out of place appearance of human beings trying to climb into the painting, creates a thought-provoking piece in the urban setting of North Michigan Avenue. To Monreal, the mural represents a nostalgic appreciation for the harmonious beauty of nature, but he hopes to leave the piece up for interpretation to those who pass by and feel its impact in some way. Painting of the mural began Monday, November 19 and will continue throughout the week and into the following.


663 N. Michigan Ave (on the Erie side)

Chicago, IL 60611



For more information contact Alexandria Ott at or (619) 857-8216