Alderman Hopkins recently introduced an ordinance to establish a Noise Sensitive Zone in Streeterville around Lurie Children's Hospital and Northwestern Hospital.  The ordinance was heard before the Committee on Public Safety on November 14th, and held until Monday, November 18th to work out concerns raised by his colleagues.
Alderman Hopkins worked with the Law Department over the weekend to find a working solution to concerns raised about deferring final say in establishing such zones to the Police and Department of Public Heath, revising the process to instead consult with the two departments on the establishment of the boundaries of such zones. 

On Monday, the Committee on Public Safety discussed the revisions and voted to approve the ordinance, which was sent to City Council on December 2nd with a "Do Pass" recommendation. 
The amended ordinance outlines the process to establish a Noise Sensitive Zone. An Alderman and residents propose a boundary for an area to be designated for a Noise Sensitive Zone. Such a zone could include hospitals, schools, libraries, churches, nursing homes, and similar types of operations where constant disruption harms everyday activity. The Department of Public Health and the Chicago Police will provide feedback on the proposed boundaries of the zone.
Once the ordinance is voted on and passed, the Department of Transportation will post appropriate signage throughout the zone, and the Police will be able to enforce noise complaints. 
Should you have any questions or comments about the ordinance, please reach out to the Alderman's office/