On Friday, August 14, following repeat incidents of looting, property damage and violence in The Magnificent Mile District, Association Chair Rich Gamble stood alongside Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, Cook Count's State's Attorney, Kim Foxx, and other local officials and law enforcement to pledge our support of a new 5-point protection plan for neighborhoods and commercial corridors.

Structural changes and added resources.

Five-point plan to protect Chicago neighborhoods and commercial corridors, announced August 2020

Thus far, 500 additional officers have been allocated to Area 3, which includes the 018th District.

Officers are stationed on foot and deployed in roaming vehicles 24 hours a day, including overnight shifts.

To strengthen the City's rapid and agile response to looting incidents, the Department will deploy officers from the impacted District, the Critical Incident Response Team, and the Community Safety team to the affected location.

Additionally, City resources, including Streets and Sanitation vehicles, will be mobilized to assist CPD in maintaining control of the area through tactics such as traffic control. These resource deployments will ensure CPD has adequate coverage to protect businesses.

We have also been advised of structural changes including installation of structures like bollards and planters to control traffic, as well as adjusted traffic flow on major commercial corridors including Michigan Avenue, State Street, and Roosevelt Road.

In partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department has formed a special Task Force of Detectives to specifically manage looting cases to ensure that those who loot are held accountable.

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