Navy Pier Announces New Associate Board as it Continues its Transformative Redevelopment

Navy Pier Announces New Associate Board as it Continues its Transformative Redevelopment

Navy Pier, Chicago’s mission-driven cultural district, today announced a new 30-member associate board, designed to support the Pier’s mission through fundraising events, volunteer service and professional engagement, in addition to serving as ambassadors for the People’s Pier.

Comprised of distinguished mid-career professionals from various industries and disciplines, Navy Pier Associate Board members were recruited and vetted by Navy Pier Board of Directors, executive leadership and senior management to ensure a diverse and talented mix of individuals who share a passion and enthusiasm for the Pier’s vision. Appointed associate board members are expected to serve a one-year term at minimum.

“The diverse skillset and level of experience that the Navy Pier Associate Board will bring to the organization will be an invaluable asset in advancing the Pier’s overall mission and values,” said Navy Pier Board Chairman William J. Brodsky. “As the Pier’s transformative, multi-year redevelopment continues, the Navy Pier Board of Directors is proud to welcome the addition and counsel of these unique voices and perspectives that will help progress the Pier’s ongoing work and impact as a nonprofit organization.”

“We look forward to the support and insight of our new associate board members, and will lean on this highly-respected and eager group to help shape our second century and ongoing legacy as the People’s Pier,” added Navy Pier President and CEO Marilynn Gardner.

Under its mission to be the People’s Pier and offer guests dynamic and eclectic experiences through partnerships and programs, Navy Pier is experiencing unprecedented growth. The legacy gift and grants from the Polk Bros. Foundation is having a transformative impact on the Pier’s physical assets and cultural programming, as well as support from Fifth Third Bank through their multiyear naming partnership for the Fifth Third Bank Family Pavilion (opening May 2018), Peoples Gas’ contribution to develop the Peoples Energy Welcome Pavilion in Polk Bros Park (opening July 2018) and Aon’s gift that led to the naming of the historic Aon Grand Ballroom.

Click here to view the full list of current Navy Pier Associate Board members.

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