Spring Showers Bring Michigan Avenue Flowers

Spring Showers Bring Michigan Avenue Flowers

The Summer 2015 Magnificent Mile® Beautification Walk was held on July 8 by the Planning and Advocacy Division’s Public Way Committee. Members of the committee graded each property on North Michigan Avenue between the Chicago River and Oak Street in order to assess the condition of trees, plants, fixtures, sidewalks and façades. The extensive rain these past few months allowed the beautiful summer landscaping to grow into lush and bountiful public displays.


We are pleased to announcethe winning property for Summer 2015 is:

1. 605 N. Michigan Avenue (Managed by Mid-America Asset Management Inc.) and the winning landscape contractor is: Clarence Davids& Co.

The next 4 top scoring properties for the summer season are:

2. 676 N. Michigan Avenue (Omni Hotel and CBRE Asset Services/Clarence Davids& Co.).
3. 625 N. Michigan Avenue (Golub& Co./Clarence Davids& Co.)
4. 730 N. Michigan Avenue(Colliers International/Landscape Concepts Management)
5. 600 N. Michigan Avenue (Mid-America Asset Management Inc./Clarence Davids& Co.)

The annual awards for the 2014-2015 season will be presented to top scoring properties at the fall Membership Luncheon on September 24 at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel. The Public Way Committee would like to thank all of the property owners and their landscape contractors who worked so diligently in preparing their beautiful garden designs and maintaining outstanding public way conditions.

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